Wood Morning

We believe in that every one of us can create, do incredible things. Only thing what we need – to feel welcome and supported.

That’s why since day one „Sight Skateboards” stands up for any form of self-expression and street art artists has become a family of ours.

Together with Latvian street and environmental artists Tron, Cue, Frost, Evija Timma – Novika, Endrju, Kiwie, Hēfe, Rist, Krisijanis and Korsh Sight Skateboards decided to show up their art in an different angle – skateboard art!

After many hours of work an provocatively titled exhibition „Wood Morning” [Morning Wood] opened doors in significant date: April fool’s day and was held till April 15th.

People love skateboard art! Even music videos were filmed during a show.




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